Wales' tallest ride to open on Barry Island

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Andrew Bartlett/Cover Images

These pictures show the finishing touches being put in place on the highest ride in Wales ahead of its opening this weekend.

The only other rides that measure over 200ft tall are located in Blackpool and Thorpe Park. The KMG 'Speed-32' ride, Aerospace, was created at the KMG Ride factory in the Netherlands and transported to Wales on 16 July.

Henry Danter, who owns Barry Island Pleasure Park, said: "The biggest, most expensive ride to ever open at Barry Island Pleasure Park is read to be brought to its new home... This will be an experience you will not want to miss."

Aerospace, which cost £3 million, will be able seat to 32 (brave) riders and will rock and roll passengers up and down, taking them 214 feet in the air and at speeds of up to 75mph.

Danter and his team previously visited the KMG Ride factory where they were taught how to build and disassemble the enormous ride in preparation for its Barry arrival.

The ride opens to the public on Saturday 23 July.

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