Waitrose's Latest Ice Cream Is Inspired By One Of Our Favourite Puddings

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When it comes to ice cream, we consider ourselves pretty clued up. From the latest releases to the trending flavours, let's just say we're your guys.

So, you can trust us when we've got a new launch to report on, including Waitrose's latest ice cream instalment... Banoffee Ice Cream!

That's right, Waitrose has jumped on the dessert-inspired bandwagon by launching a banana ice cream complete with crumble pieces and a salted caramel ripple. And it's up for grabs right this second in Waitrose stores, for just £2.40 a tub.

The perfect summer treat, just think of all the delicious banoffee-tasting flavours you'll get in every single bite.

Described as a "true scoop of sunshine," Waitrose even recommend pairing it with melted campfire-cooked bananas.

And that's not the only pudding-inspired ice cream they've introduced, the supermarket's even launched a Sticky Pudding Ice Cream too (and yes, it comes with treacle sponge pieces)!

Photo credit: Waitrose
Photo credit: Waitrose

Elsewhere in the ice cream department, Sainsbury's too is pulling out all the stops.

Introducing Sainsbury's Iced Coffee Ice Cream.

That's a coffee-flavoured frozen treat, made using only the finest thick West Country cream to create a luxuriously smooth and velvety texture.

Flavoured with Colombian coffee and rippled with a rich coffee sauce, you can get your hands on this tub of deliciousness for only £2.50.

But be warned, it's only available for a limited period of time, so now is the exact time to stock the freezer for those upcoming warm summer evenings.

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