Wait a minute… have we been opening cans wrong this whole time?

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Photo credit: Kayla Krasselt / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kayla Krasselt / EyeEm - Getty Images

Another day, another way in which TikTok is making us feel stupid. Like, have we just been doing things the wrong way our entire lives or what?

For example, last week a lot of us discovered that what we thought were key-shaped Haribo sweets, are in fact dummies (except, we’re the main dummies round here, aren’t we?). Not to mention the fact that there’s a much easier way to use ketchup sachets that we’d never thought of before. And don’t get us started on how to cut pitta breads.

And now we’re starting to think we’ve been opening cans wrong too. Eurgh.

Thanks to @alanwood01, we think we’ve been using ring pulls on tin cans in completely the wrong way. But what do you think?

In his TikTok, @alanwood01 shows two different ways of doing it – one (the left video) in the way we’ve always done it, and another (the right video) where he pulls up the ring pull, then spins it 180 degrees before opening the can.

In fairness, we’re not sure what the new technique really brings to the table. But the fact that there’s a real mixed bag of comments on the video, makes us think both are perfectly fine options.

But what do you think – how do you open your cans?

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