The one product Billie Eilish's hairstylist wouldn't be without

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ICYMI (I literally don't know how), the Oscars took place on Sunday night and can we take a minute to discuss all those incredible hair and makeup looks.

You can check out the dresses after we've broken down the beauty, okay...

From Scarlett Johansson's iconic tribute to Britney Spears circa 2000 (admittedly I don't think that reference was on her makeup artist's mood board, but those nude tones... c'mon, all she needed was a diamante studded bodysuit), to Lucy Boynton's pearl studded parting.

While we'd never play favourites, one of our favourite looks of the night has to be our beloved Billie Eilish, who rocked up on the red carpet in a full on Chanel tweed suit.


As per usual, Billie kept her makeup pretty natural (btw, if you want to know her makeup artist's go-to concealer, click here) and let that iconic green rooted mullet have its moment.

Not to mention those nails, how could we forget those bad boys.

Hairstylist Mara Roszak was the one responsible for Billie's iconic textured up-do last night, which included a Chanel broach and matching ribbon.

While we're currently debating a Chanel makeup purchase just to get ourselves some logo'd ribbon, Mara shared the products she used to achieve Billie's look and minus the breast pump (she's breastfeeding, we're not), we want everything.

Commenting, "What would I do without these?", Mara shared her go-to hair volumiser and the product responsible for giving Billie that texture: IGK's Next Level Nordic Cotton Heat-Activated Volume Spray, along with her favourite hairdryer, the Dyson Supersonic.

Both of which we'll be adding to our baskets immediately, along with some fake nails, and some green root spray.

Photo credit: IGK

Buy now IGK Next Level Nordic Cotton Volumising Mist,, £24

Photo credit: IGK

Buy now Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer,, £299.99

Billie, we can only apologise in advance for the embarrassment we are bound to cause you. At least it can't be worse than watching Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wig sing though, no?

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