Volkswagen Norway Create 'Driveable' Office Chair

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway has created and built an office chair that you can drive with many of the features available in their cars. The chair has an estimated top speed of 20 km/h, has LED lights, driver assistance and an infotainment system. It has an estimated range of 12 km so office workers can breeze to and from both coffee machines and meetings throughout the day. The LED lights are the main feature of the chair's exterior and give the recognizable Volkswagen look. Headlights were put in to brighten overtime evenings, and for the occasional office festivities, the chair is equipped with multi-coloured Office Party Lights. It even features a practical trunk in the back with 0.005 m3 of space, perfect for things like a laptop, quarterly reports, and other documents relevant to an office job! It also has a rear-view camera, sensors on all sides, a seat heater, signal lights, a stereo, a storage trunk. The chair will be available for test driving in locations throughout Norway in the coming months.