Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL Shows Its Future With Autonomous Zero Emissions Vehicle

Volkswagen’s GEN.TRAVEL autonomous concept car shows how the brand is planning for its future generations of vehicles. The prospective self-driving car, which was unveiled at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance event near Paris drives autonomously and turns the driver into a relaxed passenger who has time for other things. Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, says: “With GEN.TRAVEL, we can already experience today what will be possible in the near future with innovative technology. Door-to-door travel at a new level. Emission-free and stress-free.” The GEN.TRAVEL has a unique, modular interior concept that can be customized for each journey and booked as a Mobility-as-a-Service offering. Depending on the configuration, up to four people can be transported in the concept vehicle. An innovative passenger restraint system ensures maximum safety even in a lying position, while its lighting system influences melatonin production to help passengers fall asleep and wake up naturally. Artificial intelligence (AI) and platooning – fully autonomous driving in convoys – are used to further increase the range for long-distance journeys. Meaning you can lie back and enjoy the ride!