Vogue Williams reveals the workouts that keep her in shape

vogue williams workouts
Vogue Williams swears by these 3 workouts Getty / Instagram

We love it when a celebrity reveals their workout secrets - and Vogue Williams has done just that. Despite having three small children Vogue always looks amazing - and now she's revealed exactly how she stays so healthy and toned.

The model, who married reality star Spencer Matthews in 2018, and shares three children with him - took to social media to share that she loves doing 30-minute online workouts - which are both cardio and strength-based.

She uses the app Gymondo, which has over 200 workouts available - while, if you're a fan of the TV presenter, you can even work out like her - as she's filmed 10 workouts with a PT for the app.

The Instagram video, which she posted this weekend, reveals her love of 30-minute workouts and how you can workout with her: 'If you sign up to them you get hundreds of works out from HIIT to yoga to whatever you’re into… I love it because you can fit in it whenever suits you and do it at your own level wherever you choose to train.'

The model, who travels a lot, says it means she can do workouts when she's staying at a hotel or she's away from home. Better still Vogue, who will be front new TV show Send Nudes: Body SOS revealed that the app currently has a Black Friday sale until the end of this month. Woop!

A busy working mum-of-three, the star has previously talked about the pressure to 'snap back' after having children. In an interview with Fabulous magazine in April she said: “There is so much pressure put on women about this and I didn’t want to add to that when actually, instead of worrying about losing the baby weight, we should be worrying about where our pelvic floor is at and how our mental health is doing. All of that is so much more important.

However, she did admit that she found it easier than some mum to regain her figure: 'It’s purely down to my body type that I went back to how I was before without too much effort, and I did find myself trying to hide that for the first few months.'

'I just didn’t want to make anyone else feel bad by being all, "hey, look at me after having a baby," because the last thing anyone wants to see is someone who’s lost the weight quicker than you.' Wow - we love Vogue's honesty!

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