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'Not your mama's blender' — Last chance to get the Vitamix you've always wanted for $200 off!

Tired of chewing on your smoothies and settling for homemade soups that aren’t even close to liquefied? Traditionally, you’d have to plunk down some serious cash for the kind of professional-quality blender that can completely pulverize the starchiest vegetables, the seediest berries and even the toughest of nuts. Just in time for fall, QVC has slashed the price of a top-shelf Vitamix Explorian 48-oz Variable Speed Blender that smashes the competition, according to enthusiastic reviewers. This powerhouse has 10 variable speeds that let you blend anything from an intentionally chunky salsa to a creamy purée with restaurant-level precision. And it’s $300 right now with accessories, down from $500 — Vitamix blenders rarely get discounted this deeply and today is the day to take advantage of it!

Boasting 16 different functions, this blender will become a go-to appliance in your cooking arsenal.
$300 at QVC

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The Vitamix Explorian 48-oz Variable Speed Blender isn’t just a blender, though. It actually takes on the work of 16 other appliances, too: a whole food juicer, food processor, stick blender, hand mixer, ice cream maker, ice crusher, meat grinder, chopper, cheese grater, peanut butter maker, fondue maker, hot soup and sauce maker.

Three gray blenders
The Vitamix Explorian isn't just a blender — it's 16 appliances in one. (Photo: QVC)

And this model comes with accessories, too! It includes the Vitamix Explorian E310 base, 48-oz wet container, 32-oz dry container, tamper, ‘Whole Grains’ cookbook and ‘First Blends’ cookbook. If you'd rather not pay all at once, you can opt for five 'Easy Pays' of $59.99 instead. See the incredible blender in action here.

Want a creamy smoothie every morning? Want to make big batches of pureed soup for the winter? Trying your hand at homemade baby food or DIY ice cream? Using a Vitamix means you don’t even have to think about the quality of your results. Just toss in all your ingredients, and this kitchen icon delivers with no fuss and very little mess.

Shoppers who’ve made the switch to Vitamix say there’s no way they’ll ever go back to other brands.

“The machine is not your mama's old 5-speed blender," one wrote. "This thing is VERY powerful and quickly turns the lumpiest stuff into smooth liquid (or powder in the case of dry goods like grains). When blending something that contains both liquid and solids, it will help you if you note some of the recipes and get an idea of how much liquid/solid ratio you'll need to get a smooth blend.”

red blender in a kitchen
Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Photo: QVC)

“This machine is a workhorse in my kitchen!” wrote another enthusiastic customer. “Nothing else compares to a Vitamix and that’s the bottom line! It does everything a food processor, blender can do and more! I’ve made ice cream, nut butters, smoothies and more!”

One customer preferred the Vitamix Explorian over its peers — particularly the Ninja. “I purchased one about seven years ago for my mother who kept burning out the motors of her blenders. Even her fabulous Ninja. I finally decided to get my own. When I tell you that this will be the last one you will ever have to buy unless you buy one for someone else please believe me. It's easy to use and easy to clean."

Adds another shopper: "I’ve had mine for several years and I would trade just about every small appliance I’ve ever had for my Vitamix. Super effective, super efficient, reliable and durable."

Not a smoothie lover? You’ll still fall head over heels for this gadget. Fans have gushed about making dips, spreads, pancake batter, sauces and even things that seem impossible to blend.

When you’re not using the Vitamix, it fits neatly inside your cabinet waiting for its next blending challenge. The 48-ounce container is BPA-free and it — along with the lid — are dishwasher safe.

Simply put, the Vitamix Explorian 48-oz Variable Speed Blender is a low-maintenance, high-performance appliance that lives up to its legendary name and will quickly become the most trusted, reliable character in your kitchen — and right now, it’s yours for a steal.

Boasting 16 different functions, this blender will become a go-to appliance in your cooking arsenal.
$300 at QVC

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