This Vitamin C Serum Is So Nourishing and Luxurious, My Mom Tried to Steal It From Me

Vitamin C serums are one of my favorite things to test out. It's a skin-care ingredient that can do it all, whether you want to focus on anti-aging, brightening the skin, or diminish dark spots. Finding a good vitamin C serum that works with your skin type and concerns can do wonders. There are so many vitamin C serums on the market, some are potent, and others are gentle, some are great for acne-prone skin, and others are great for dry skin. I have reactive skin that breaks out if I irritate my skin too much. I also deal with dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I'm constantly on the hunt for products that work to effectively diminish my dark spots without causing my skin to freak out. I got to try out Soma Ayurvedic 's Vitamin C Serum, and it's a nourishing, luxurious experience.

The Soma Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum is one of those products that make you feel oh so fancy, from the texture and how it feels on your skin down to the scent. It's nourishing, gentle yet quietly evens out your skin tone and fades dark marks. It's not a dramatic result you notice the next day, but something you notice over time. My skin felt soft and healthy and looked absolutely radiant and glowy by the end of my first bottle. Keep reading for my in-depth review.

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