Virgin River's Martin Henderson admits personal impact of heartbreaking storyline

Virgin River's Martin Henderson has opened up about the emotional impact a storyline on the show had on him.

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The actor, who plays Jack Sheridan in the Netflix drama, was discussing his character's battle with PTSD from his time in the Marines and the death of his younger brother when Martin admitted filming the difficult scenes have an effect on him emotionally.

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"Those scenes are a mixture of excitement because they're big moments for the characters," he told Glamour magazine, adding: "You're aware that you are revealing stuff that's been latent and in the dark, so to then bring it to light, there's something exciting about that. It's very revealing of who this man is and what he's dealing with."

Martin continued: "Creatively, I find it really exciting, but psychologically it's a bit scary. No one really likes touching on that stuff in their own life, right? We're all really, really good at avoiding the darker, more painful emotions.

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Martin's character, Jack, had a tough time in season four 

"As an actor, it's your job, but there's a fear of it not working, or of not being able to get there emotionally."

Martin's character went through many ups and downs in the most recent season of the drama. Towards the end of the series, Jack and Mel find out that Jack is the father of her baby, and that Jack is not the father of Charmaine's twins after all, so it seems like the pair's luck is beginning to change in their favour.


The end of the season saw Jack and Mel's luck change for the better

Meanwhile, the characters on Virgin River recently got together to celebrate a major milestone – their 50th episode! Martin shared the news on his Instagram with a sweet snap which saw him stood next to co-stars Alexandra Breckenridge, Annette O'Toole and Tim Matheson.

He wrote in the caption: "We just completed shooting the 50th episode of Virgin River. Who knew we'd all still be here telling this wholesome love story for the ages!!??

"Big congrats to our extremely hard-working crew and our talented delightful cast for always striving to make this the best for you incredibly passionate and oh-so-discerning audience."

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