Virgin River fans are all saying the same thing about Charmaine in season 4

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Virgin River fans have raced through season four of the show, after it dropped on the streaming service last week. And while many viewers have been complaining about the same thing, others have all been asking one question about Charmaine Roberts.

Namely: How is she still pregnant?! *Spoilers* In the first season of the show, we discover she's pregnant with Jack's child, while the second season reveals she's actually having twins. By the third season, fans were questioning why she wasn't showing yet - while the series finale of the fourth season centred around her still unborn children.

In it, Charmaine reveals Jack actually isn't the father of the twins, before leaving fans on a major cliffhanger as to who is. Viewers have since been taking to social media to question the timeline of the pregnancy, and predict when Charmaine (played by Lauren Hammersley) might actually give birth.


As one fan joked, "Charmaine been pregnant for five years #VirginRiver" Another put, "4 seasons. 4 whole seasons. Charmaine has been pregnant for for 4 seasons, & she’s only 5 months pregnant. I can’t."

Someone else added, "Uugh -- Charmaine still being pregnant in season 4 of #VirginRiver, at this rate Mel's baby will be born in 2032."

Honestly, do the Virgin River writers need a biology lesson or what?

Virgin River season four is now streaming on Netflix

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