Virgin River fans react to *that* season 3 cliffhanger ending

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Virgin River season 3 recently dropped on Netflix, and from queries over Charmaine's pregnancy to questioning where one key character is, it's basically all that social media is talking about right now. Not least because of those cliffhanger endings, too. Yep, multiple cliffhangers.


In the final episode of season 3, all sorts of dramatic things happen:

  • Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) is arrested by Mike (Marco Grazzini), after the gun that was used to shoot Jack is found in his truck.

  • Off screen, Hope McCrea (played by Annette O'Toole) is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, after she's involved in a car accident.

  • Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) tells Jack (Martin Henderson) that she's pregnant, but "I don't know if you're the father."

  • Preacher is lured into the forest by one of Paige's acquaintances, where he's poisoned with a fizzy drink. When Connie and Christopher return to Preacher's home, Vince (Wes's twin brother) is waiting for them - presumably to kidnap Christopher.

Told you it was a lot. Fans on Twitter have had lots of reactions to the episode - not least round the cliffhanger that Netflix left the show on.

One person wrote, "Last few mins of the Virgin River S3 finale was absolutely unhinged lmaooooo how can they give everyone a cliffhanger obsessed. They don't care!! [sic]"

Another added, "Virgin River is so good but that cliffhanger they left is driving me crazy" and "I just watched finished the 3rd season of #VirginRiver and what the actual heck."

Now all we need is confirmation of season four.

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