This viral TikTok Zara hack claims the labels have secret sizing codes

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Photo credit: TikTok;@officially_outfits
Photo credit: TikTok;@officially_outfits

High street sizing is famously fickle, with sizes varying both between and even within stores. This makes shopping when you're in a rush (AKA when you can't be bothered going to the change room) or online feel like something of a gamble as, whatever you order might not fit right, even if you choose your regular size. But what if we told you that there's a viral TikTok hack that claims to clear up the whole sizing dealio for Zara?

The hack in question, shared by the account @officially_outfits, takes a closer look at the labels on the Spanish retailer's products, suggesting there's a secret code on each tag that will help decipher the sizing.

"Unsure which size to get at Zara?" asks the TikTok. "The little box around the tag hole means true to size, get your notmal [sic] size. The triangle round the tag hole means it comes up small so size up".

Since surfacing earlier this year, the hack has done the rounds on social media with over 612k watches and 27k likes on TikTok alone. Shoppers have taken to their own accounts to share their reactions to the theory and this is one of our faves:

This user also added a more extensive breakdown of the various symbols and what they mean:

"I tested the Zara size hack so sharing with visuals: Triangle = runs smaller so always go a size up. I always go up for short dresses/shorts/ Circle = runs bigger. I always buy my Zara size (M) when it’s their tops, and yes this slightly bigger/ Square = True to size."

Here's another reaction to the same hack:

Iiiiinteresting. So, is there any truth to the claim? Well, possibly. The correlation between the sizing hack and the collection could have some substance.

The original @officially_outfits TikTok account also shared the hack vid on its Instagram, writing in the caption, "each different shape stands for which collection the piece is from whether that be TRF or the main collection. Each collection fits differently which is where this theory comes from."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and raid my wardrobe for Zara buys and see what all the symbols are.

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