The Viral TikTok Mini Bag Sealer Is On Sale RN - And We're Obsessed With It

tiktok mini bag sealer
TikTok's Bag Sealer Will Guarantee Fresh SnacksAmazon

We are utterly convinced there is no worse feeling than biting into what you're hoping will be a lovely crunchy crisp, only to find it soft and stale. Ew.

The same goes for biscuits and crackers - truly a disappointing experience.

Well, once again TikTok is here to save the day because there's a tool that'll ensure you never have to go through the trauma of a stale snack ever again.

The Mini Bag Sealer has been working its way around foodie TikTok and to be honest, it looks pretty dreamy. It's cute, colourful and small enough to stash away in a drawer or even your bag.

The tool works by heating up and sealing whatever plastic bag you use it on, sort of like a mini hair straightener.

The tool also has a small retractable blade you can use to chop off excess plastic, or even use to open boxes. How handy!

Once sealed, you can easily reopen the packet as you would with any other. It certainly beats random pegs and clips, that's for sure!

You can use it on plastic storage bags, snack bags, film packaging bags and even pet food bags. Unfortunately it's not to be used on paper or pure aluminium bags, but most snacks should be a-OK.

The best part is that a version of the sealer is discounted on Amazon right now! Instead of costing £10.99, the price has been knocked down to a very affordable £8.49.