This viral TikTok hack shows you how to turn balloons into shoes

Nathalie Owen
Photo credit: TikTok;@amyboiss

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Every other day there seems to be another viral TikTok video to keep us entertained during lockdown. While we thought we might be over the novelty of these hilarious videos by now, we're still as addicted as ever.

The latest round of fashion hacks on the social media platform made us seriously LOL as users came up with genius ways to repurpose your everyday household goods.

Case and point: turning balloons into shoes. No seriously, even we thought it was impossible, once again TikTok proves us wrong.

User @amyboiss uploaded a video of her being given a new pair of shoes, which turned out to be just a pair of balloons.

But, a few seconds later, after blowing the balloons up and standing on them, the air deflated out of the balloon and wrapped around her foot to make, yup, you guessed it, a pair of little yellow shoes. Or, as we like to call them, banana socks.

While we may not step out of the house in these bad boys, you have to admit, it's a pretty hilarious life hack.

Other users were just as shocked that it actually worked, commenting:

My anxiety was through the roof 😂🤣balloon popping and me aren’t friends but omg genius 😂😂😂😂

A banana 🍌 shoes

Lead the fashion trend


Anybody else waiting for the balloons to pop


The video has already racked over four and a half million views and one million likes on the social media platform, creating a new challenge for users who are keen to get in on the balloon shoe action.

@Jamescxnt shared a similar balloon challenge video, with a woman saying, "no shoes no problem", as she mastered the genius trick.

Not going to lie, this looks pretty fun to test out, we think we may even give it a whirl.

And it turns out this isn't the first time balloons have been used for something other than decoration. With one user commenting on Amy's banana ballon shoe video, "anyone else used to do this with your phone in 2017?"

TikTok user @puretest showed fans how to create a new iPhone case out of just a balloon, which made us question, is there anything these previously never thought of outside a party items can't be used for?

Ahhhhh another day, another genius TikTok hack, what would we do without them?

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