This viral TikTok hack explains how to make your fan feel even colder - and we're never going back

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Photo credit: cyano66 - Getty Images
Photo credit: cyano66 - Getty Images

Has anyone else noticed that it's really, really hot outside? Due to the current heatwave (which is set to see UK temperatures overtake the likes of Greece) it's become near impossible to keep your cool at the moment, even if you are blessed enough to have a fan at home.

But, thanks to some clever TikTokers, it turns out there is a sneaky hack you can deploy to get your fan feeling extra cold over the coming days – which will no doubt help sleeping in the heat an all-round more pleasant experience. Hurrah!

In two viral videos, respective TikTokers @onlyjaysus and @lisafj14 both shared the sneaky way that they've been giving their home fans a boost on the cold front, and it's super simple to do.

As well as advising their 18 million followers to keep the blinds and curtains shut in their home all day, to block the heat from coming in, @onlyjaysus (real name Bella Avila) shared a trick that just requires a bowl of ice. "If you're fancy enough to have a fan, you can force it to blow really cold air by just getting a bowl of ice and placing that in front of it."

Fellow TikTok user @lisafj14 also bigged up the 'make your fan colder with a bowl of ice' hack in a video watched over 300,000 times, adding in another little mini hack – if you don't have any ice cube trays, you can simply fill up an old lunchbox or Tupperware to make one giant ice cube. Next, you can decant that ice block into another, roomier container and place it in front of the fan.

A further social media lover, @originalcraventattooer, also took things a step further and shared their interpretation of the cooling hack, demonstrating how drilling holes into a standard plastic Coke bottle, cutting the base off and filling it with ice, then using cable ties to attach it to the back of your fan can also be effective. Although, if you ask us, this feels slightly more 'don't try this at home!' and maybe it's best to stick with the bowl of ice in front of the fan to be on the safe side...

We're feeling cooler already.

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