This Viral TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Spread Butter

tiktok butter hack
How To Spread Hard Butter On Toast More Easily@amysharp91

Hard butter straight out of the fridge is an absolute nightmare to spread.

There's nothing worse than butchering an entirely good piece of toast or bread by mangling it with too-hard butter in clumps that just aren't nice to eat.

While we've seen a few tricks cropping up online to combat this (the recent grater butter hack being the most memorable) we've never quite come across a method like this one.

This one uses the humble fork to ensure no toast is harmed in the act of spreading butter, and we have to say, it's quite genius.

The method is this: stick a fork into the front side of a small butter pack (like those ones you get in hotel buffets) squeeze in half and watch weird little spirals of butter come out.

It looks weird, but it does work. The smaller bits of butter melt more quickly than a whole pack would, plus it's fun!

The OG video first picked up traction at the end of last year, and now has over 15 million views!

Now, FoodTok is obsessed with the trick, and everyone's giving it a go.

Comments say the trick is an absolute lifesaver when they're staying somewhere or eating out that has the little butter packs, as they're "always frozen."

Whether this trick would work with a bigger pack of butter is still under investigation, but we think you'd need a pretty big fork to get the same effect...