This viral TikTok filter shows you where to contour, according to your face shape

TikTok has blessed us with many things: iconic audio sounds, viral video memes and even Kylie Jenner's fly friend, Frederick (IYKYK). And there's no lacking when it comes to the beauty side of the app, either. From *that* mind-blowing colour theory to Ariana Grande's very own eyeliner technique, we're nothing short of hacks, tips or tricks.

Though, having said that, we're certainly not opposed to welcoming more into our routine. I mean, anything to help a girl out with her daily glam. And if it's anything like the 15-second makeup trick that allows for an extra five minutes of snoozing, you best count me in. So, when scrolling down my FYP to see that Rihanna's brand (yes, the Bad Girl RiRi), Fenty Beauty had created a contour filter, I couldn't help but try it out – she is a beauty mogul, after all.

TikTok creator, Grace M Choi collaborated with the artistry team at Fenty to create the filter named 'Match Stix Snatch'. Essentially, what it does is show with directions where you should be placing your contour, concealer and highlight products to enhance your face shape. There are six different templates to try, each catering to a different shape.

Of course, like with every other innovative and helpful hack, it didn't take long for the filter to go viral. In a video that gained over 8.6 million views, MUA and influencer Mikayla Nogueira tried it out for herself, too. Although skeptical at first, she says that it's "pretty easy to follow along with". After setting the cream products with a powder, Mikayla reveals the end result and I think it's safe to say that I was convinced.

However, not one to place judgement before trying something out for myself, I – a well-versed critic of the app (even if I do say so myself) – had to put the filter to our trusted Cosmo Hype Test. But did it live up to the standards set? Find out in the video below:

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