Viral TikTok doctor says having a bigger booty might make you live longer

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Photo credit: insta_photos - Getty Images
Photo credit: insta_photos - Getty Images

Eating a balanced diet, getting our daily steps in and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the ways we can stay healthy and live longer lives. One thing we didn't realise could improve our life expectancy though, is having a bigger booty. Yep, you read that right. According to one viral TikTok doctor "thicc thighs, save lives," and it's all to do with the kind of fat that gets stored around our bums.

As Dr Karan Raj explained to his 4.4 million TikTok followers, "If you have a heavy-duty derriere, you might live longer. [That's because] scientific research shows that fat deposited in the gluteal femoral region can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in comparison to having more visceral fat around your organs."

For those of us that maybe weren't paying too much attention in biology class, visceral fat is found inside your abdomen and wraps itself around your organs. Because of this, you can't always see or feel it, and too much visceral fat has been linked to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

"Visceral fat can wrap around organs and release fatty acids and cytokines [small proteins that affect the growth of cells], which can cause inflammation. This can damage the heart as well as other things," points out Dr Raj, who uses his platform on TikTok to share information and medical facts, like how to spot unusual symptoms of breast cancer.

The difference between visceral fat, and the kind of fat that develops in your booty and thighs, Dr Raj explains, is that subcutaneous fat (the jiggly fat you can see) is "typically distributed under the skin." So, subcutaneous fat stored in your posterior region, can "act like a sponge, storing fatty acids and stopping it from going to the internal organs and causing damage."

In the comments section, Dr Raj also added that "fat in the gluteal femoral region [aka the area around your bum] actually secretes leptin [a hormone produced from fat cells] which regulates appetite and body weight too, and 'mops up' fatty acids."

So, how does leptin actually work? According to the NHS: "Leptin is a hormone which regulates appetite and body weight. Leptin also plays an important role in controlling blood sugar, immune control and hormone secretion. When the fat cells of the body are full, leptin is produced and signals the brain to stop eating."

The more you know, eh?

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