Viral TikTok doctor explains why heat in the UK feels hotter than abroad

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Photo credit: Cavan Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: Cavan Images - Getty Images

There's no denying that the UK is absolutely scorching hot right now, with temperatures next week expected to get as high as 40! degrees! in some places. But – as well as forcing us to become BFFs with our fans – the warmer weather has left us wondering: why does heat in the UK feel hotter than abroad?

Thankfully, we can wonder no more, as one doctor who answered that very question is going viral on TikTok. "Why does the heat in the UK feel even hotter than when you're abroad?" Dr Karan Raj asked his 4.9 million TikTok followers. "it feels like you're melting!"

As for why that is, Dr Raj continued: "The UK can get pretty humid, which means that sweat doesn't evaporate as quickly. [Therefore] the human body finds it harder to keep cool and we get these hot, tropical nights where the temperature doesn't dip so we actually don't get a break from the heat."

On top of that, he adds, "because it's cold most of the year, the buildings in the UK are designed to keep heat in, compared to hotter countries. And the average person in the UK does not have aircon."

His heatwave explanation went down a treat with curious TikTokers, who flocked to the comments section to praise the doctor and share their own thoughts on the topic. "Bricks, insulation, carpets, curtains, yes we are boiling right now!" one person commented, with another person writing: "I'm Australian, the UK in the heat is REVOLTING!"

"Its sticky heat in UK. Overseas the heat is dry and bearable," someone else added to the conversation, with a fourth putting: "Also we have such changes in temperatures, that we don’t get a chance to get used to it!!"

So, there you have it! Happy heatwaving...

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