This viral post about how a woman's stomach can 'prove if she's a virgin' is beyond ridiculous

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Photo credit: Luis Alvarez - Getty Images
Photo credit: Luis Alvarez - Getty Images

If you're looking for a hilarious account that calls people out on their sexist BS, then may we please present You Look Like A Man? The meme account centres around the wild things people say to women in athletics and is our new favourite must-follow... and one recent post in particular has caused quite the online storm.

Said deeply disturbing post shows one anonymous male's thoughts on how to tell whether or not a woman is a virgin – based on the shape of her stomach. Yes, you read that correctly. Feel free to take a moment to eye roll and pour yourself a glass of something.

The post, which features an image of an anonymous digital note, started off with a comment about how men only want a woman who has a flat stomach (again, cue the eye rolls, pouring a glass of something), with the unidentified male saying, "They [men] absolutely care [about how a woman's stomach looks]. And before any angry feminists try to attache [sic] me, don’t even bother."

The man then continue on on with another utterly ridiculous theory about how you can 'prove' a woman's virginity by the shape of her stomach. Ready for some 'science', everyone? "If a girl has that 'bump' on her stomach, it’s a dead giveaway that she has lost her virginity," the post reads. "That little bump is their uterus showing, and it appears when a man ejaculates inside her vagina." I actually... can't even deal.

Oh! And there's more: the theorist didn't stop there, proudly proclaiming that he had "taken his fear share of virginities" (yup, we 100% believe you) and that ultimately "non-flat stomachs are only even hot if you’re the reason they aren’t flat anymore".

While this is without a doubt the most entirely devoid of fact thing we've ever read – there is no way to 'tell' if somebody is a virgin – it's also pretty hilarious. But still, the fact that disturbing misogynistic posts like this still exist in 2021 is a tad concerning.

You Look Like A Man saw the humour within the ludicrous essay and captioned the post: "Today in 'My name is Science and I didn’t say that…' #youlooklikeavirginitie". Ten points, very well done.

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Giving some light and laughter to the man's crazy claims was an accompanying video of the legendary Ron Burgundy saying, "It's science!" which was followed up by a video of a dog doing a science experiment. Naturally.

Countless women took to the comments section to express their rage over the post, while others simply poked fun at the very, very scientific theory:

"I wish we could fine people for being this unintelligent"

"Big uterus energy"

"Started off bad and then amazingly went worse than expected."

"Can we force him to wear this proudly on a shirt as a warning label?"

"I’d trust that dog’s science over that misogynistic science any day."

We can't help but agree.

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