Vikings pay it forward, send charitable Eagles fans confetti from Super Bowl

After the NFC championship game, reports of some Philadelphia Eagles fans greeting Minnesota Vikings fans with boorish behavior surfaced.

Several Eagles fans responded by making donations to the Mike Zimmer foundation and Minnesota Vikings foundation, which work to help improve the lives of Minnesota youth through athletics and academics.

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On Wednesday reports surfaced of the Vikings, who hosted the Super Bowl, rewarding charitable Eagles fans with a pretty cool souvenir from the game — jars of confetti that fell on the field after Philadelphia’s win over the New England Patriots.

One fan posted this message on Reddit with a picture of the prize along with a note from the Vikings.

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Eagles Fans!

To show our appreciation of your donation to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation we are excited to present you with this jar of authentic Eagle’s confetti from Super Bowl 52.

Your positive attitude and great sportsmanship towards the Minnesota Vikings did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you and SKOL!

ESPN spoke with Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson, who confirmed that the team sent the notes and confetti to 24 Eagles fans.

“We just felt it would be a nice gesture to some classy fans,” Anderson said.

Confetti falls around the first-ever Super Bowl trophy for the Philadelphia Eagles. (Getty)