Viewers are all saying the same thing about Apple TV's Severence

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Photo credit: Apple
Photo credit: Apple

If you've watched even just one episode of Apple TV's new series Severance, you'll understand why people have all got quite so obsessed with it. The show, which just aired its final episode has not only got us all asking about a second season, but its also got fans making the exact same comment about the dystopian workplace series.

Severance follows a team of office workers who have had their memories surgically divided between their work and personal lives. However, after a mysterious colleague appears on the outside, Mark, Dylan, Helly and Irving's lives are thrown upside down.

And, well, in case that didn't sell it to you, the series has been getting the same comment over and over from viewers- that it's one of the best, if not the best series of the decade.

Photo credit: Apple
Photo credit: Apple

Essentially, since the series landed Twitter has been full of fans praising everything about it, from the acting to the dramatic twists and turns, to Ben Stiller's genius production skills. And now the show is being compared to the likes of Succession and Yellowjackets.

One viewer wrote, "Just finished the finale of #Severance the BESTTTT drama series in recent years without any doubt. Finale was a perfect masterpiece. Literally a textbook to learn “how to craft perfect tension”. Brilliant execution by the show runners." Another commented, "Started #Severance last night, finished today. And I think it may be one of the best seasons of television ever made? I have never needed a season two more urgently

We couldn't agree more.

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