Fans all have the same reaction to this one Ozark character following season 4 part 2

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Photo credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX - Netflix

Ozark season four, part two is upon us, and we're ready for more nail-biting action. The second instalment of series four dropped today [Friday 29th April] and fans are already sharing the same reaction to one particular character. *Spoilers ahead*.

The new episodes pick back up with the Byrde family following the chaos of Ruth's rampage in part one, which saw her fatally shooting Javi in the chest. In part two, Marty now appears to feel bad for Ruth and is tired of having blood on his hands. Wendy, meanwhile, wants to continue with her plans to get the family out of their mess without any consequences for them.

As the series goes on, we see Wendy taking charge with her elaborate schemes - and fans are all very much in agreement about the character.

Photo credit: COURTESY OF NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: COURTESY OF NETFLIX - Netflix

Reacting to the latest episodes on Twitter, one viewer wrote, "Wendy Byrde is the most psychotic character I’ve ever seen." Meanwhile, another agreed, joking that "The four scariest characters on Ozark" were, in fact, all Wendy. Yikes.

A third agreed that Wendy is, erm, basically terrifying, also calling for actor Laura Linney to receive *all* the awards for her performance. "Wendy really scares the s**t out of me lmaooo," they wrote, adding, "Run Laura Linney that Emmy #Ozark."

Meanwhile, others are less than fans of Wendy, with viewers calling for her to be killed in the series. One tweeted, "I genuinely want someone to kill Wendy Byrde!" So, yeah, safe to say fans feel very strongly about the whole thing.

Ozark is streaming on Netflix now.

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