Viewers have same complaint with Disney+ drama The Patient

Viewers have taken to Twitter to discuss Disney+'s new drama The Patient – and have the same complaint over the series. Don't worry, we won't be revealing any spoilers here – but it sounds like fans were very unhappy with the ending.

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Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "NOT happy with the ending of #ThePatient. Steve Carell acted his [expletive] heart out." Another person added: "So who else has seen #ThePatient and thinks Steve Carrell turned in a magnificent performance but are deeply dissatisfied."

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A third person added: "#ThePatient had great acting, great dialogue, very suspenseful for show their primarily takes place in the basement, but after nine episodes of a buildup, I'm very disappointed by that ending. The last 15 minutes just annoyed me."


The Patient stars Domhnall Gleeson and Steve Carell

Others were more complimentary, with one writing: "Literally just finished binging an entire series tonight instead of getting proper sleep but it was all worth it." Another person added: " Just finished #thepatient with @SteveCarell and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm here bawling oh my goodness. Seriously. Didn't see that coming. Amazing."


Steve Carrell also stars

So what is the show about? Starring Domhnall Gleeson and Steve Carell, the story follows Alan Strauss, a therapist who’s held prisoner by a patient, who reveals himself to be a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic demand for Alan: curb his homicidal urges.

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The synopsis reads: "In order to survive, Alan must unwind Sam's disturbed mind and stop him from killing again... but Sam refuses to address critical topics… Over the course of his imprisonment, Alan uncovers not only how deep Sam’s compulsion runs, but also how much work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family. With time running out, Alan fights desperately to stop Sam before Alan becomes complicit in Sam’s murders, or worse – becomes a target himself."

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