Viewers react to Vicky Pattison’s ‘emotional’ alcoholism documentary: ‘I could resonate with everything’

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 (PA Photo/Channel 4)
(PA Photo/Channel 4)

Vicky Pattison’s Channel 4 documentary about her and her father’s relationship with alcohol has left viewers in tears.

The ex-Geordie Shore star spoke candidly about how her father, John’s struggles with alcoholism affected her and her family in the programme Alcohol, Dad and Me, which aired on Tuesday night (2 August).

At the start of the documentary, Pattison admits: “Three or four drinks and I’m sociable and I’m fun, and I can function the next day.

“But any more than that and I don’t know when to stop. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic, but I do think I have a problem with alcohol.”

Viewers followed the reality star as she discussed how John’s alcoholism became worse after he retired from the civil service and led to the breakdown of his 30-year marriage to Pattison’s mother, Carroll.

Alcohol Change UK, a charity that campaigns to reduce alcohol harm, described the documentary as a “difficult and powerful watch”.

“It showed very clearly how the harm caused by alcohol doesn’t just affect the drinker, but their loved ones too,” the organisation said in a statement.

“Having these challenging conversations is so important to helping everyone involved to get the support they need. We are hugely thankful to Vicky Pattison and John for their openness, and everyone involved with the programme for shedding light on such an important topic.”

The documentary was also highly praised on social media as people shared their own experiences with alcoholism.

One person wrote: “I cannot begin to describe how heartbreaking, isolating, traumatic, helpless and frustrating it is to be an adult child of an alcoholic.

“Thank you for making this documentary and shedding a light on an issue I felt like I was alone in for so long.”

Another thanked Pattison for sharing her experience, adding: “I could resonate with everything you said and did. Sadly the actions of my dad’s drinking resulted in a major stroke then sadly died.”

A third also said that he “resonated” with the documentary, particularly Pattison’s experiences growing up with an alcoholic father.

“Same with mine,” they tweeted. “Horrible. Life and soul of the party one minute. Empty bottles of vodka in the airing cupboard and the mortgage not paid the next. I miss him though.”

Pattison took to Instagram to thank fans for their supportive messages and added: “I knew this was going to resonate with people but I genuinely had no idea how many people have been affected by alcoholism – it just further reaffirms my belief that we need to talk more openly and candidly about addiction and our experiences with it.”

She continued: “Finally I just wanted to say that I love my dad more than anything in the world and I’m so proud of him for being honest, raw, and above all else, incredibly brave.”

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