Viewers of Fall on Netflix are sharing the same relatable reaction to the film

netflix fall viewers share same relatable reaction
Netflix's Fall fans have same response to filmyoutube

If you're afraid of heights you may want to look away now, as the newest film on Netflix, Fall, may not be the one for you.

Fall tells the story of best friends Becky and Hunter who decide to climb an abandoned radio tower in order to spread the ashes of Becky's late husband. However, things don't quite go to plan and as the title of the film suggests, at least one of the women falls from the tower. Scary stuff!

netflix fall viewers share same relatable reaction

The new thriller was released on Netflix last week and viewers have already been loving it with the film going straight into the number one spot. However, whilst everyone is racing to watch Fall, it also seems some viewers are almost wishing they didn't, with many sharing their stomach churning reactions to the film on social media.

One person tweeted saying the film was going to leave them with nightmares, they said: "Never felt as anxious watching a film as I do watching Fall on Netflix. I’m going to have nightmares."

Another said they weren't expecting the film to be as terrifying as it was.

"Who’s watched ‘Fall’ on Netflix please? Nah you know when reviews say ‘chilling’ ‘gripping’ ‘had me on the edge of my seat’, this film done exactly that to me. The amount of times I got off my bed because my heart couldn’t take it and my hands were just sweating. Go watch it," they tweeted.

Another joked (we think!) the film had put them off climbing so much they were going to avoid the stairs: "I have just watched #FallNetflix and actually cannot see myself climbing the stairs tonight...."

Others said the film left them with "sweaty palms", feeling "uneasy" and that it is "not for the faint hearted".

Overwhelming the reaction to Fall seems to be it's a great film, if you don't mind being terrified throughout.

We may need to watch this one from behind the sofa.

Fall is available on Netflix now

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