The View Hosts Have Another Infamous Group Chat, But It Sounds Like Whoopi Goldberg Is Not A Fan

 Whoopi goldberg on the view.
Whoopi goldberg on the view.

Season 27 of The View is rolling right along, and has continued to keep fans talking. Now that word of all that rumored beef between Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey over The Color Purple interview is over, the co-hosts of the popular daytime program have turned their attention toward yet another hot button topic: group chats. Apparently, though, while Goldberg is included in the chat her fellow co-hosts have organized, she really doesn’t seem to be a fan of it.

What Did The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Say About Being In The Hosts’ Group Chat?

Friendship is a lovely thing, and it’s been quite common for many years now to have a group chat where everyone in the same friend group can text about things relevant to all parties involved. However, a topic that was recently broached on The View is when “splinter groups” spring up, and separate groups form out of the main group, usually to talk about whoever’s been excluded from the newly created text chain.

If you thought reading that was complicated, well, writing it was, too. But it turns out that the way worse option for Whoopi Goldberg (who defended one night stands) is actually being involved in any kind of group chat. As Sara Haines (who stuck around after rumors of her departure) explained how many splinter group chats have formed just among her family, Goldberg was visibly annoyed by the thought of it, and when talk of the hosts’ chat came up, eventually noted:

I feel like Michael Corleone, cause I take myself off the group text and then I’m BOOM, back! And I’m like, ‘What the [expletive deleted for daytime]!’

So, their group chat is like the mob?! It sounds like the actress/comedian doesn’t feel as wanted, loved and included as many people probably would when being invited into this virtual watercooler environment. Sunny Hostin believes that Joy Behar is the one who’s always pulling Goldberg back into their chat The Godfather-style, however Haines thinks that it’s Behar and Hostin’s frequent British royal conversations that do it. After Ana Navarro-Cárdenas mentioned that she recently found out it’s possible to silence the chat, Goldberg continued:

Silence y’all does not mean not be a part of it! I don’t care! I don’t care what you’re upset about, it’s the weekend!

OK, this makes a lot of sense now. If the chat isn’t mostly fun and relaxing, but filled with complaints about big stuff, I wouldn’t want to be a part of it, either. The conversation then turned to how much the splinter groups can complicate things, as you might forget who’s in what chat and text the wrong people. This prompted Goldberg to say:

See, that’s why I’m not on all of that stuff, cause I know who I’m texting…If I need to talk to you, I talk to you. I communicate when I have something to say. I don’t just be sending y’all stuff, you know? I’m busy!

Leave it to Whoop to break the issue down like this. When you have five or more people in one chat, things can quickly become overwhelming to try and keep up with, especially once people (pretty naturally) splinter within the group text chain and begin talking about something they really care about that others might not be interested in. You can take a look at the whole segment, below:

Though the jury might still be out on the party who keeps forcing the show’s usual moderator back into The View’s group chat, it’s clear that she’s hilariously uninterested, and since charting her own path in all things seems to be standard Whoop behavior (she’s also meh on weddings), her feelings on the matter really aren’t that surprising.