'The View' co-host Sunny Hostin says a group of 'violent' kids called her the n-word

Elise Solé

Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, is sharing a terrifying experience in which a group of kids called her the n-word — and video footage of the aftermath. 

“You also cannot play charades while black on July 4th,” Hostin, 49, said during the show Monday. “My family as I said have rented this house in a predominantly African American community. It has real history, it’s the only place blacks were allowed to buy beachfront property in the country. We were there celebrating and some kids, about 20 of them, ran in front of our home and started yelling the n-word at us.”

According to Hostin, 49, the kids were yelling, “This is America! We are patriots! This is our holiday!” and broke her paddle board. “They were kind of violent.”

The attorney and television commentator also played the video of the aftermath in which she asks a group of people, “Were you the ones yelling the n-word? Because that’s harassment.”

A boy can be heard denying any involvement and referencing a group of “thirty people” who had recently left the scene. Hostin and her friends filed a report with the Sag Harbor Police Department in New York and praised the “wonderful,” responsive officers who were “just as outraged as we were.” 

Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach a representative from the police department for comment, however, a spokesperson told Newsday“She called in a police report referencing fireworks and foul language” and “Upon arrival she was interviewed and said that while she was in her yard with a guest a group of teenagers walked past on the beach using foul language. Officers checked the surrounding area with negative results.” 

Hostin explained, “The African American community does have this feeling on July 4th, because African Americans weren’t emancipated on July 4th, so they weren’t independent then, but this area is supposed to be a safe haven, it’s a place of pride and we found out later they targeted us specifically because of that community. They came from outside of the area. Some from Jersey, some from other parts of Long Island…”

In response to the assumption that Barack Obama’s presidency was an antidote to racism, co-host Whoopi Goldberg commented, “Racism is in pockets, it’s in places, and all you can do is face it when it hits you.”

Joy Behar added, “But it seems to me that a lot of this verbiage has been unleashed by certain people — and you know who they are.”

Many tweeted their disappointment over the incident and their support for Hostin.

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