Videos show a model dressed as a giant fur ball got lost and nearly collided with Sam Smith at a Paris Fashion Week show

  • A model dressed as a giant fur ball caused chaos at a recent Paris Fashion Week show.

  • Her vision was obstructed entirely, and she nearly collided with Sam Smith, who was performing.

  • The look was designed by Christian Cowan, who later joked the model "came in like a wrecking ball."

A model dressed as a giant fur ball got lost at a Paris Fashion Week show, crashing into guests seated in the front row and nearly colliding with Sam Smith as they performed live.

The amusing yet chaotic scene occurred during Christian Cowan's Ready To Wear Spring 2024 show, hosted at the American Cathedral in Paris on Thursday. Cowan's latest collection featured several wild fuzzy looks, but it's safe to say none were quite as dramatic as the gigantic fur ball.

Video footage of the show shared by fashion watchdog Diet Prada on Friday showed the model, who appeared disoriented entirely in the outfit, getting lost on the runway while Smith performed a cover of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" on a rotating stage.


At one point, the model, who also seemed to be wobbling slightly in chunky buckled platform boots, strutted directly toward Smith, who pushed her away to avoid a collision.

In the clip, she makes her way toward guests seated in the front row, appearing to briefly crash into them before smacking into the cathedral alter where she was "rescued" by several show organizers.

Smith responded to Diet Prada's post, which has over 101,780 likes as of Saturday, writing: "WE HAD A BALL."

Cowan also appeared to see the funnier side of the incident.

On Instagram, the British designer compared his model's chaotic walk to Miley Cyrus' 2013 hit single "Wrecking Ball."

"She came in to Paris Fashion Week like a wrecking ball," Cowan captioned a closeup of the model rocking his design Friday. He also added that "no models were harmed."

In his post, Cowan tagged Mi'Jon, a model based in France according to her Instagram, indicating that she was beneath the giant fur ball ensemble.

On her Instagram stories, Mi'Jon shared a behind-the-scenes clip from the evening that showed her being assisted by at least five people to stand up while wearing the fur ball so she could prepare to walk the runway.

Representatives for Cowan and Mi'Jon did not respond to a request for comment made outside regular working hours.

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