Video: Woman barks, howls at man on SF Muni bus


A video of a woman barking and howling at a man on a San Francisco Muni bus has gone viral on social media.

What it shows: The woman, who is holding a conical hat, is seen barking and howling at a man seated at the back of the bus. The man had allegedly been playing loud music.

It's unknown when and where exactly the encounter took place.

“Get the f*ck out of my ear, bitch,” the man says.

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“What are you going to do, beat me up?” the woman responds. “What’s that? What are you doing that everyone else can hear?”

Reactions: The video has been shared on multiple platforms, drawing mixed reactions. Some users accused the woman of invading the man’s privacy, while others criticized the man for not wearing headphones in the first place.

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“Everyone complaining about him not wearing earphones, but no one is talking about how she invade [sic] his personal space multiple times,” one YouTube user wrote.

Another replied, “Having no head phone is invading!”

"It's people like that they [sic] get the shit slapped out of them and then go crying because they got slapped," another noted.

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