Video: Republic TV journalist manhandled by rival reporter

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A video of Republic TV journalist, Pradip Bhandari, has gone viral on social media in which he's see being man-handled by a group of agitated men.


Bhandari claims that the person who manhandled him is a reporter from a rival English television channel, NDTV. He also accused news reporter from ABP of inciting the attack on him and for being an accessory.

Reports suggest that the assault took place after Bhandari referred to some of the journalists present at the venue as 'chai-biscuit reporters'.

However, NDTV anchor, Sanket Upadhyay, rubbished the allegation against his colleague and said that he was actually trying to resolve the altercation. He also hinted that Bhandari has a backing of a powerful political leader on whose behest he is acting.

Be that as it may, the video uploaded shows that bhandari was pushed around slapped by someone: whether it was a rival journalist as claimed by Bhandari could not be ascertained.

Amidst these charges and counter-charges, it seems that instead of reporting news, media persons are themselves becoming ‘news’ and not in a very good way.

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