Video premiere: The Two Tens debut 'Mean Spirit'

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Los Angeles-based garage punk duo the Two Tens won acclaim for their raw sound on their debut album, Volume, and now are planning to take things in a slightly poppier — but still hardcore — direction for sophomore set On Repeat, which they are prepping for release Aug. 18 via Man Della Records.

Yahoo Music is excited to give fans a preview of the new music with the video for “Mean Spirit,” which combines a gritty, Nirvana-influenced visual theme with something unexpected — a cheeky game of dodgeball!

Photo: Suzi Moon

“‘Mean Spirit’ is a pretty intense song both lyrically and musically. We wanted to make a video that had that same kind of intensity. However, we also like our videos to have some sort of fun feel to it,” explains frontman Adam Bones. “I’m part of a dodgeball league and thought it would be cool to use the intensity of the sport to match the song, but it’d be fun and silly because it’s dodgeball. So I asked my friends at the Eagle Rock Yacht Club  to be a part of the video. They were happy to be included, and we all had a really great time shooting it. Rikki and I got on the court and opened up a huge can of whoop-ass!”

“Team Two Tens in full effect right here,” adds drummer Rikki Styxx. “I was excited to kick some ass in this video alongside my partner in crime. Plus, I got to wear eyeblack and short shorts.”

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