This video will make you never want to smoke again

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Warning: contains very graphic videos

At the risk of sounding like your mum, smoking isn't very good for you. And one nurse from North Carolina in the United States has shocked people with her bold illustration of just how much damage cigarettes can do.

Amanda Eller uploaded two videos to Facebook; one of air being blown into cancerous human lungs belonging to a person who smoked one pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years, and the other of air being blown into the lungs of a non-smoker.

"Still wanna smoke?", the nurse captioned the videos - and they've gone viral.

It's obvious to tell at first glance which lungs belonged to the smoker; one set is completely blackened in colour, while the other is a much healthier pink.

But the damage is further illustrated when you watch the air being blown into the organs. The cancerous lung doesn't fill up quite as much as the non-smoker lung, and it's quite gross to watch.

Here's the video of the smoker's lungs:

And here's the video of the non-smoker's lungs:

We all know how bad smoking is for us. We've had it drummed into us from a young age that smoking a cigarette means you inhale over 5,000 chemicals including tar and nicotine. But sometimes it takes a visual representation of the damage, just like Amanda's videos, to make people believe just how real the dangers can be.

And while her videos illustrate what can happen to people who chain smoke, you're not completely out of the woods if you're just a 'social smoker' - someone who only smokes when they've had a few drinks or with certain friends.

Photo credit: Rex
Photo credit: Rex

"Researchers from the University of Bristol estimated that over a lifetime each cigarette could take 11 minutes off your life," Dr Richard Russell, Consultant Respiratory Physician and medical advisor to the British Lung Foundation told Cosmopolitan UK. "A long-term study found that people who smoked between 1-4 cigarettes a day have significantly higher risk of dying from all causes than non-smoker."

Read more about the damage social smoking can do here (and then resolve to give up):

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