A Video Of Martin Short Ripping On Steve Martin (Over and Over) Went Viral After Critic Called Him ’Desperately Unfunny’

 Steve Martin and Martin Short standing together in an apartment looking shocked in Only Murders in the Building.
Steve Martin and Martin Short standing together in an apartment looking shocked in Only Murders in the Building.

It’s been an interesting weekend for Martin Short fans, as an essay calling the veteran of stage and screen “desperately unfunny” has brought the funny man even further into focus. Responses rallying towards Short’s aid have come from all fronts, including CinemaBlend’s own defense of Short, and why the Only Murders in the Building star is a true comedic legend. And now a video of Martin ripping on co-star/friend Steve Martin has gone viral as part of the festivities, which is just as fitting as it is hysterical.

Social media continues to support Martin Short in his supposed hour of need, with tons of examples that show off the Innerspace star’s comedic chops. And this latest rundown has pulled tons of clips from his late night appearances, with and without Steve Martin in tow.

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Ripping on Steve’s age and habits of banjo playing, you can feel Short’s Jiminy Glick energy peeking out of his material. Playing keenly on the edge of good natured jokes and what almost sounds like legitimate gripes from a very long friendship, the Three Amigos co-stars continue to keep audiences laughing in style.

Though Steve is, by default, playing the straight man to Martin and his digs involving diapers, boredom, and again, banjos. While everyone knows that this is an equally matched pair of comedy snipers, this is a good reminder of just how much of a comedic expert Short always has been.

For as much as Martin Short was criticized for his high energy antics in that recent opinion piece, this collection of talk show clips is pretty sedate. The most you might see Martin pulling throughout this reel is, perhaps, opening his arms with wide theatricality. As for his jokes against Steve Martin, Short’s manufactured venom is pretty potent when it comes to the snark contained.

That’s not the only reason the Canadian veteran of SNL and SCTV has been popular online. Not too long after allegations of Jimmy Fallon’s supposedly toxic work environment hit the internet, another talk show clip of Martin Short went viral. Admittedly, that instance seemed a bit more genuine, but trying to tell the difference is part of the fun. In either case, Martin Short continues to be someone that the comedy world supports, even with the knowledge that they could be the next icon in the crosshairs.

Of course, Martin Short’s actual kindness in the wild is as easy to spot as his humor. A recent story of how Short swapped seats with Chance the Rapper’s daughter on a flight showed his kindness quite freely. But even with his good nature, when you get Martin Short in front of a camera, especially when Steve Martin is along for the ride, a good roasting is bound to be in the cards.

If you’re looking for more Steve Martin/Martin Short banter, those of you with a Hulu subscription are in a good place. Only Murders in the Building is currently running through its third season, with the first two seasons also currently available to stream.