VIDEO: Head Over Heels For Fashion - Models Tumbling On The Catwalk

We know it's mean. But there is just something quite entertaining about watching statuesque, perfect women fall over in silly shoes. At Grazia Daily we recently unearthed a hilarious video of the ultimate runway fails (including a girl being knocked off the runway by a giant pendulum. Yeah. I know.) which got us thinking about the top model falls of all time.

It's kind of inevitable that sooner or later one of these girls is going to trip up - I mean, could YOU walk in a pair of Alexander McQueen Armadillo Heels? Thought not. But yet, when a model does (quite literally) make a slip up, it causes a wave of internet uproar - thank the lord for YouTube - and provides an endless source of entertainment. We’ve watched the below video at least five times today, which is definitely a little bit sad on our part. But it’s just SO FUNNY.

We’ve put together a gallery of some of our uh, favourite (is it mean to have a favourite?) model oopsies. Included in there is Naomi Campbell’s infamous topple on Vivienne Westwood’s 1993 Anglomania runway in a pair of Super Elevated Gillie Shoes (which she now reportedly uses as a doorstop. Personally, I don’t think I’d ever want to see them again).

There’s also Agyness Deyn’s tumble at the Fashion For Relief show in 2010, A model falling in the official Most Uncomfortable Shoes of All Time, and Alexandra Tomlinson taking a trip at the Chanel Couture show in 2009. I wonder what Karl said?

See the video below, and scroll up to browse the gallery of shame.

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