This video of Addison Rae's sculpted butt in a bikini is 😱

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Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Addison Rae probably has the strongest retro bikini game of anyone I know. And she has been putting all those suits to good use, living the *life* by the beach these past few days. The 21-year-old He's All That star has been sharing some of her favourite pics from her trip to the Bahamas, and she just gifted her followers with the sweetest video.

In the 15-second clip, viewers watch as Addison jumps off a boat in the cutest bikini to help release some turtles into the ocean. There's also some snorkelling involved, and TBH it looks like the perfect day. It's almost too much cuteness to handle. 'Turtle release 🌈🌊 Thank you @atlantisbahamas @thecoveatlantis :),' she captioned her post.

Naturally, her followers were in full support of her adventures, with one fan commenting, 'UGH I love it when you are happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.' Another added, 'BABEE.' A third user chimed, 'gorgeous gorgeous girl in gorgeous Bahamas ❤️.'

If you're wondering what Addison does to stay so fit, you should know that she doesn't mess around with her workouts. When she's not getting her cardio in from TikTok dances, she's at the studio crushing her Pilates classes.

Addison has also been spotted doing some pretty intense workouts at the Dogpound gym. Some of her go-to moves include weighted donkey kicks, rainbows, battle ropes, and battle rope jumping jacks.

And to get her glutes strong, Addison follows her own butt workout routine that even Queen Kourtney Kardashian can get behind (Kourt shared the video on YouTube). 'It literally burns so bad, but it's so good,' Addison said. If you're already excited to give it a try, you can expect six minutes of donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and more.

BRB gotta go do some squats!

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