This video of a 3-year-old girl with pink hair has the internet divided

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Charity Grace LeBlanc is facing criticism over her 3-year-old daughter’s pink hair. (Photo courtesy of Charity Grace LeBlanc)

A video of a little girl with a curled coif dyed pink has ended up in the cross hairs of the internet.

Earlier this month, makeup artist and beauty blogger Charity Grace LeBlanc shared a video with her 313,000 Instagram followers in which she curled and styled her daughter’s pink hair.

In the video, 3-year-old City sits in a chair as her mom uses a hot iron to curl her thin rose locks. She then combs out the Shirley Temple curls and styles them. City flips her hairs and blows a kiss to the camera. “When you get curls and suddenly your sass factor goes through the roof. ‍♀️‍♀️,” Charity captioned the post.

The video now has over 88,000 views and has sparked a serious debate. Most of Charity’s fans think the video is adorable. “She looks just like a fairyprincess! ,” one wrote. Some followers are praising Charity’s parenting skills. “Girl, you’re the mom I wanna be,” someone said. “Dude you’re like the best mom I’ve ever seen!!!” another echoed. “She is the cutest lil fairy princess and you are an inspiration as a woman and mother Always love your posts,” one fan gushed.

However, a few are questioning her decision to dye and style City’s hair at such a young age. “You are the [stupidest] mum I have ever see !!” one commenter exclaimed. “Aren’t you worried about ruining her hair? (Not hating),” another asked, referring to the heat of the curling iron. “She’s so adorable I’m totally in love w her and her cuteness , but aren’t u damaging her hair that way ?? She’s still VERY young for hair dyes … when she grows up there’s nothing left to do cuz she’s done it when she was little which isn’t really pleasant for her … I’m sorry if my comment came out as negative I promise it’s not ”

City in all her pink hair and glitter glory. (Photo courtesy of Charity Grace LeBlanc)

Her fans are used to this sort of stuff, though, which is probably why the reaction was relatively mild. Charity dyed City’s hair this summer, when she was still 2 years old. The response to that was very aggressive. Many called Charity “irresponsible” and said they felt bad for her daughter, while others justified her actions because the product used was “vegan and natural” and washes out, and “it’s only a bit of fun!”

Some parents related to her. “Love it, I personally would let my kids have bright hair …because let’s be honest. With my blue hair currently I’d be rather hypocritical if I didn’t let them, but would of course go for the wash out variety,” one woman commented.

Tattoo artist Amy Lyn feels the same way. Not only did she dye her hair pink, but she lets her 2-year-old wear makeup and fake tattoos. She defended her decisions in a YouTube video. So Charity is not alone in fighting the parenting police.

Funnily enough, in the beginning of this video, City says, “I’m a human,” while her mom plays with her hair like she’s a doll.

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