Victoria Beckham defends son Brooklyn after his roast dinner sparks outrage

Victoria Beckham recently defended her son Brooklyn Beckham after he was widely mocked for his latest cooking tutorial on Instagram.

On Wednesday, the aspiring chef stunned fans by reinventing a traditional Sunday dinner Michelin-style, preparing roast beef that appeared underdone with a side of butter-coated carrots and potatoes.

Brooklyn's fans were stunned by the sheer amount of butter and oil used for the meal as he presented the step-by-step guide, with some saying the meat was "far too raw" when he proudly plated it up.

Despite the backlash, Victoria was quick to praise her eldest child, claiming she'd use the recipe as "inspiration" for the next meal she cooks for her family.

Sharing her son's video on Instagram, the 48-year-old designer captioned the post, "Inspiration for Sunday's roast. I'll be attempting this for your dad and brothers and sister!"

She continued, "It's rare people, not raw (crying with laughter emoji)."

However, Victoria is famous for sticking to a diet of mostly grilled fish and vegetables, so it is unlikely she will eat the meal herself.

Brooklyn has primarily cooked for Instagram videos in recent years, sharing basic tips with his followers on meals such as burgers and sandwiches.

However, in a recent interview with Bustle, the 23-year-old admitted, "I'm not a professional chef - at all."