Vicky Pattison opens up on fears of inheriting alcoholism and impact on future children

Vicky Pattison, who has the upcoming documentary, Vicky Pattison: My Dad, Alcohol and Me, speaks candidly in an interview with Sky's Beth Rigby on how her fears of 'genetic alcoholism' have prevented her from having children.

Video transcript

VICKY PATTISON: So sorry. I felt like-- and one of my main motivations for making this documentary was that I had this strong belief that there was a huge element of alcoholism that was completely genetic. That because my dad had it in him, I was just going to have it in me, and then I truly believed that my kids would have it too. And I didn't want them to feel different to everybody else, to feel out of control, to feel powerless to stop something, like their life was only ever going to be one way.

It was going to be hard, and sad, and they were going to hurt people they loved. So that was a huge reason why I haven't had children yet. But now I am in a really good place, with a really nice man, and I've done this documentary and learned loads about this illness.

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