Vicky Pattison heartbroken after dog is stolen

Reality star Vicky Pattison shared her anguish in a tearful video after her beloved dog Milo was stolen in the back of a dog walker's van. Thankfully the pooch was later returned safely after the vehicle was dumped by thieves.

Video transcript

VICKY PATTINSON: Hi, guys, hope everyone's OK. [LAUGHS] I thought I'd finally pulled meself together enough to talk to you all, but obviously, I'm still really upset. Thank you so much for your kind messages [? and ?] [? asked ?] about Milo. He's our absolute pride and joy, as I'm sure anyone who's got a pet could understand, and today was just super, super scary.

Just so grateful it turned out the way it did because the alternative is probably not worth thinking about it. He's currently upstairs playing chess with his daddy. I have like the stress of everything and the panic. I don't think I've ever moved as quick in my life as I did when I got that phone call. And I've managed to trap a nerve in me back, so I could barely move.

I've been about as much us as a chocolate watch all day, but Ercan came home from work and helped us give Milo the best afternoon. So he's had snuggles with mommy, loads of snacks, all of his favorite shows and treats, and he had a lovely long walk with daddy.

I just don't even know what else to say. Like, I don't trust meself to talk about the people who stole the van because I just think they're proper scumbags to steal someone else's properties, just [BLEEP]. But to leave it abandoned when you find out there's members of people's family in the back like what the [BLEEP] is wrong with you? Anyway, I'm getting really emotional, and I shouldn't focus on that. I should focus on the fact that we've got Milo back, and everyone else got their doggies back as well.

Silver lining and all that, but yeah, thank you for your nice messages. And if anyone has heard anything about the people who did it, just slide into me DMs please.

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