New Version of 1000 Mile Range Electric Vehicle Unveiled

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A new version of an electric road vehicle that can drive 1000 miles on one charge has been unveiled.

Aptera’s Sol is described by the company as part of their range of ‘Never Charge Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs)’.

The lightweight three-wheeler is claimed to have the longest range of any production vehicle and has the ability to travel up to 46 miles a day on free power from its integrated solar panels.

With only four key structural parts, Aptera’s unique body shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today.

Potential owners can pre-order the vehicle and can customise their Sol with various options on colour, with prices tiered by driving range: 1,000miles - $44,900, 600miles - $34,600, 400miles - $29,800, 250miles - $25,900.

Aptera explain: “Introducing Sol, the second completed Alpha in our growing fleet of Never Charge Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs). Named after the Spanish word for Sun, Sol’s inspiration comes from science and nature. Just as plants convert the sun’s energy during photosynthesis, Sol is designed to harvest sunlight efficiently and effectively - requiring no charging for most daily use.

“Sol offers a lightweight structure, record-low drag aerodynamics, and a 1000-mile range. Live a life completely off the grid, driven by the sun, all while creating a better future for people and the planet.

“The sun is the most important and largest source of energy for life on Earth. It holds the solar system together, profoundly affects our moods, and provides life-giving light, heat, and energy to Earth. While dreamed about for over half a century, we humans have not yet been able to harness the energy of the sun to transform transportation… Until now.”

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