Vegan calls police after friends trick her into eating meat

A 24-year-old Reddit user has written about her friends' 'prank' on the link-sharing site [Photo: Getty]
A 24-year-old Reddit user has written about her friends' 'prank' on the link-sharing site. (Getty)

A vegan has outed her friends to the police following a “chicken nugget prank” that saw her eating meat for the first time in two decades.

An anonymous 24-year-old Reddit user revealed on the platform how her friends tricked her into eating chicken nuggets after she got drunk at a party.

In a post shared on Reddit’s popular Am I The Asshole? (AITA) subreddit, she said she had been vegan for the past 10 years and had not eaten meat since she was “roughly three to four years old”.

She wrote: “My friends thought it would be funny to feed me chicken nuggets as a prank. I checked with them before chowing down: ‘Are these vegan?’

“To which my friends replied ‘yeah, they're sunfed’ (a type of vegan chickenless chicken). They tasted off to me but I figured it was just because I was drunk. I was wrong.”

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The next day, the user’s sister told her to check her friend’s Snapchat story, which featured her friends “showing the nugget packaging, and then showing them giving them to me (including the conversation where I asked if it was vegan)”.

After taking a screen recording of the video, the user claims she took it to the police and that her three “ex-friends” are now facing charges.

The majority of Reddit users appear to be on the poster’s side.

One response read: “NTA [Not the Asshole] especially since you hadn’t eaten meat since you were so young. Often times vegans and vegetarians get very sick after eating meat if they hadn’t for years before that. I know you didn’t mention anything, and maybe everything was fine, but if you had of had a bad reaction to the meat after not eating it for many years, it would have been on them. It’s ridiculous and rude and although I might not have pressed charges, I think it’s your right to do so.”

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Another person wrote: “'Friends' don't get to decide whose dietary requirements are preferences and which are necessities. They had no way of knowing that she wouldn't have a bad reaction to being fed chicken, and it's a shitty way to mock someone's deeply held beliefs.”

However, a smaller number of people seemed to think she was overreacting.

“Don’t be friends with them but Jesus Christ the police? That’s pretty pathetic,” was one comment, while another person wrote, “Pressing charges for me is a massive overreaction.”

While veganism is on the rise in modern society, not everyone following this diet finds it easy to square with their friends. Earlier this year, a wedding guest shamed a vegan who took her own food options to the hen party, the rehearsal dinner and then the reception.