Vegan accuses meat-eater who likes to eat tofu of appropriating veganism

A vegan accused a meat-eater of appropriating veganism by eating tofu [Photo: Getty]
A vegan accused a meat-eater of appropriating veganism by eating tofu [Photo: Getty]

When a vegan stumbled across a tofurkey (tofu turkey) recipe, they were keen to try out the plant-based recipe.

After thanking the person for the delicious shout-out via text, their exchange took an unforeseen turn when the vegan accused the person, who is a meat-eater, of appropriating veganism.

The messages were shared to a Reddit group which mocks people “who take it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity”.

In the texts, the vegan kick-started the conversation by asking: “Hey! I loved your tofurkey dinner recipe you shared, how long have you been vegan?”

In response, the person who shared the recipe explained that they are actually a meat-eater but don’t enjoy “the taste or texture of most meats”.

Agitated by the revelation, the vegan replied: “So you like pretending to be a vegan because it’s cool and in? It’s not hip or cool. It’s important.”

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“Tofu is strictly for vegans and vegetarians,” they continued. “You are basically admitting to appropriating us and stealing what we need for your own selfish use.”

Defending their decision to embrace a mixed diet, the recipient replied: “I’m not appropriating anything, I’m eating food I like, you absolute f*ck.”

Unsurprisingly, a number of vegans took to the post to defend their community.

“This person is giving vegans a terrible reputation,” one commented. “I’m vegan, I would never act like this, and I don’t think the majority of vegans would. And they should be thrilled they are choosing tofu over meat!”

Do you think meat-eaters have a right to eat tofu? [Photo: Getty]
Do you think meat-eaters have a right to eat tofu? [Photo: Getty]

“This person isn’t a true vegan because most would concede that the less meat someone eats the better,” another added. “I know so many meat-eaters who love vegan/vegetarian food.”

A third agreed, highlighting that an increase in demand for tofu would actually ensure there is more available on the supermarket shelves.

“If anything more people eating tofu would probably increase production and more brands would emerge and there would be more variety to choose from,” they pointed out.

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Another highlighted the vegan’s contradictory views, sarcastically writing: “I love animals so much, that I want you to eat meat instead of cutting down on your animal consumption! Makes sense.”

According to recent research, more than one third of people in the UK identify as flexitarian and regularly consume plant-based meals alongside occasional portions of meat.

The Vegan Society highlights that following a plant-based diet can be beneficial for our health with a lower risk of developing cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

When it comes to tofu in particular, the NHS recommends that people consume the soy-based product for its high volume of calcium - which is beneficial for strong bones and teeth.

Do you think it’s right for meat-eaters to occasionally enjoy a dish or two of tofu?

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