How To Vary Your Movements To Unlock Extra Muscle

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There are some exercises that are ubiquitous at the gym. You'll never struggle to see someone benching or performing kneeling rows, for example. Nut kneeling filly presses? Hands up anyone who's seen someone practising those down the local sweat box.

But why not? Variety is the spice of life, after all. Try these three exercises from our MH Elite trainer, John Chapman of the Lean Machines. "From getting more core engagement, utilising what equipment you have or simply just for a change and some fun, these exercises can be great additions to your training," he says.

1) Kneeling Filly Press

While kneeling, load a heavy kettlebell into your left arm and roll your wrists back to “catch” the bell at your shoulder girdle. In your right hand should be a lighter dumbbell, which you'll press by extending your arm.

2) Single-leg RDL and Clean

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a kettlebell in your hands. Move one foot slightly behind the other, holding it a few inches off the ground. With your back flat and abs tight, slowly lower the weight toward front foot and allow your free leg to float behind you for balance. Once the weight reaches mid-shin level, push through your grounded heel to return to the upright position. Use your momentum to curl the kettlebell onto your shoulder girdle, and repeat on the opposite leg.

3) Farmer's Curl

Holding a dumbbell in one hand and a heavier kettlebell in the other, curl the dumbbell up to your shoulder.

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