#Vanlife: Why I Left The 9-5 Behind To Travel The World Full Time

Charley Ross

Weaving through the stars of endless continents, exploring off-grid forests, rejecting working for a wage. No doubt, living life on the road in a converted van feels pretty appealing.

And it seems a lot of people agree. The hashtag #Vanlife has featured in 3,180,386 Instagram posts at time of publish: the feed filled with sunsets, very good looking people and dreamy outstretched roads. So what is it like for the people who actually do it? We decided to find out.

Brighton natives Lauren, 28, and Craig, 34, have been travelling the world for ten years. They’ve bought and sold five camper vans along the way, backpacking the rest. For them, vanlife is an affordable way of exploring the globe and lends itself to a simple, economical lifestyle. But, Lauren feels the social media-fication of the lifestyle may jar with its beginnings.