Vanilla Wafer Bandage Cookies Aren't Exactly Appetizing

vanilla wafer bandages halloween treat
vanilla wafer bandages halloween treat - chefgenevieve/Instagram

When it comes to Halloween parties, attention to detail matters. Thankfully, in terms of the food, it's easy to turn normal party fare into spooky snacks. If you're looking for a fun and frightening Halloween recipe, you're in luck. Treats like dirt cake and Oreo cookie bats are cute, but may not be spooky enough for your liking. Instagram user @chefgenevieve created some vanilla wafer bandage cookies that are sure to make your guests do a double take.

To recreate these snacks at home, all you'll need are some rectangular vanilla wafers, white icing, and seedless jam. After shaving down the corners of the wafers with a microplane to give them the rounded edges of a bandage, pipe a white square of icing to mimic the absorbent pad, then add a small splash of jam for the blood. This treat, which may be unappealing to some, looks unmistakably like a freshly bloodied bandage. Once you get past the shocking visual and get into the Halloween spirit, you will be happy to find it tastes light and sweet, as any wafer cookie should.

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Bandage Cookies Are Divisive

vanilla wafer shaped like a bandage
vanilla wafer shaped like a bandage - chefgenevieve/Instagram

This recipe went viral on Instagram, with a lot of reactions from commenters. No matter how good it may taste, for some people, it's hard to stomach such a realistic-looking treat. One user commented that out of all the possible icky treats, "the line was crossed" with bloody bandages. To some, there's something about an already-used bandage that is just too repulsive.

However, most people seem to be on board with this ghoulish culinary creation. There is a reason why we love creepy foods for Halloween -- people like to indulge in eating playfully gross treats, because the opportunity only comes around once a year. Instagram user @welliesandwaffles wrote what a lot of people are probably thinking: "This is absolutely disgusting! I'm off to buy wafers." Bloody bandages are decidedly icky, but in cookie form, it's irresistible spooky fun. Another commenter called it "grossly satisfying," which pretty much sums it up. Bandage cookies are amusingly unappetizing and easy to make, making them the perfect treat to try this Halloween.

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