Who is Vanessa's boyfriend in Selling Sunset?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset has returned to Netflix for season five, and there are some new faces on the scene this time around - including Vanessa Villela's new fiancé, Nick Hardy.

Vanessa joined The Oppenheim Group in season four and, while her and Nick have been linked since October 2020, their relationship hadn't featured on the show until now.

Viewers were first introduced to Nick in episode one when we saw him and Vanessa dealing with having to be apart due to British Nick working in the UK. Then, in episode eight we saw him visiting the Oppenheim Group office to give Vanessa a promise ring in front of the rest of the agents. What's more, Vanessa confirmed in January that the pair are now engaged!

Here's everything we know about Nick and his relationship with Vanessa.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Who is Vanessa Villela's boyfriend, Nick Hardy?

Nick is a British photographer and creative director, working under the name 'Tom Fraud' on Instagram. His profile reveals that he works for clothing brand, Lascivious, with Nick clarifying that "Tom Fraud is a fictitious name representing Art & Freedom".

Much of Nick's profile showcases his professional work as a photographer, with recent posts seeing Vanessa appearing as a model in his shoots.

In early February, Nick took to the platform to share a series of loved-up photos with Vanessa, including a video from the moment he proposed. Gushing about her in the caption, Nick wrote, "On the 10th of October 2020 my Life changed forever! We had so much in common from the start! It was like a bolt of lightning! We spoke for months and months and each day our friendship grew stronger, our smiles grew bigger, our cheeks turned more red each time we spoke."

He continued, "I knew you were different, you were special, one of a kind! It was INCREDIBLE… I had found someone who actually laughed at all of my jokes! I knew you were the one!Together we were unstoppable, nothing could stop us… I traveled over 1400 miles, during a pandemic, to be with you! What should of [sic] been 10 days turned into a 2 months DREAM!"

The photographer then went on to call Vanessa his "twin flame" and "the love of my life," writing, "I've finally met my match."

Echoing Nick's caption, Vanessa revealed in Selling Sunset season five that she and Nick had initially met online, messaging for three months before finally meeting up in Mexico where she says they "fell in love".

She went on to explain that the pair were initially only supposed to stay in Mexico for 10 days, but instead ended up staying there together for two months - with Vanessa realising that Nick was "the one".

On 30th January 2022, Vanessa took to Instagram to announce that she and Nick had officially got engaged. Her series of sweet videos and pictures shows Nick proposing at sunset at the Griffith Observatory in LA, with Vanessa writing, "Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the galaxy 💫."

These two ❤️.

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