Vanessa Hudgens twerking on the beach in a boho jumpsuit is our heatwave spirit animal

Vanessa Hudgens is the millennial queen of the internet. And our hearts. Not only did she give us High School Musical, she gave us *so* many epic boho style moments over the years. It's kind of her thing. It's kind of still her thing in 2022, and we love that.

She's currently holidaying at Casa Amarara, a luxury five-star private estate in Punta Mita, Mexico that Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber also love. So naturally, she's been blessing our feeds with some dreamy travel content, like this video of her twerking on the beach at sunset with a friend. Which, tbh, is how we want all of our vacay nights to end up. As "Voodoo Love" plays in the background, she dances around and then drops down into a full-on twerk, before the video pans over to her friend.

But let's talk about her outfit: she's got a giant pink flower in her hair (vibes) and seems to be wearing either a sleeveless jumpsuit, or some wide leg trousers with a lingerie-inspired cami. In case you haven't been watching the youths of TikTok lately, early millennium fashion is back in style, and that include wide leg trousers and spaghetti strap tops. Cargo trousers, "parachute pants," and Rita Ora's low rise flares are all back in the spotlight. We know. And what better to contrast with billowy trousers than a second-skin lacy camisole?

Here's her look:

Keep the pics coming, Vanessa...

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