Vanessa Hudgens is in Scotland right now and people aren't happy

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Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens - Instagram
Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens - Instagram

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Vanessa Hudgens is currently facing backlash for travelling to Scotland amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After sharing a picture of herself on Instagram showing that she has travelled to Scotland - which is currently in the midst of a national lockdown - many fans took to social media to criticise the High School Musical star.

On Monday Hudgens shared a post on Instagram with the Forth Bridge in the background. Then, later that day she posted another picture of herself posing next to a street sign in Scotland, alongside the caption "🌊Loch-ness🌊". Prompting comments from people who are not happy that she has travelled to the area when Scotland is currently in a national lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. Hudgens is reportedly in the area to film the third instalment in the Netflix Christmas film franchise, The Princess Switch. The previous two movies were also filmed abroad, and the entertainment industry is currently exempt from stay-at-home orders in many parts of the world and instead subject to rigorous on-set safety precautions.

The post has sparked a big debate on social media, with many people criticising Hudgens for travelling abroad, while others defended her, citing the careful protocols followed by the entertainment industry during filming projects.

One person commented on the post, "Pretty sure there is a global pandemic on???" while one Twitter user wrote, "why the f*** is Vanessa Hudgens cutting about Scotland in the middle ae a pandemic??? GO HAME."

However, others defended Hudgens. One Twitter user said, "PEOPLE REALLY TRYING TO HATE ON VANESSA HUDGENS FOR WORKING IN SCOTLAND?? If you do then please @ your frustrations to Robert Pattinson & his crew & also tell Tom Cruise to 'gO hOME'. BOTH are filming movies in the UK/have done over the last few months. The freaking misogeny [sic]."

Vanessa has yet to comment publicly on the issue.

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